All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted.

All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted. Permission required for commercial use or publishing.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In so little time ...

This sequence of photos (taken five minutes apart) show how fast a few clouds can turn into a storm. Photographed over SW Amarillo last PM.

- Steve Douglass

Cloud shadows.

One thing I love about storm is how their color and dimensionality interact. In this photo, the small cloud towers growing in the foreground (left bottom) cast a giant shadow on the super-cell thunderstorm in the background.

- Steve Douglass

Bloody sky ...

Sodium vapor lights on Loop 335 tinge the approaching storm blood-red.

-Steve Douglass

Lightshow ...

Moon Lightning.

It's rare that you can catch a lightning storm and the moon in the same shot.
I shot this from Farmers Lane - just before all hell broke loose.
I'll post more tomorrow.

-Steve Douglass

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