All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted.

All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted. Permission required for commercial use or publishing.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

We had some weather today!

What a surprise today. We actually had some weather worth going out and photographing,

Just what I needed for this, the launch of this new weather blog.

We had a few (non-severe) storms pop up south of the city, caused by a surge of unexpected moisture into the area which collided with a strong cold front racing down from the north.

Although they weren't tornadic or anything, they did give me a chance to actually shoot something in the sky other than severe clear.

I took some nice stills of this old windmill and some time lapse stuff which I just posted below.

One piece of video I think you'll find quite interesting. It illustrates just how fast the weather can change in the Texas Panhandle. One minute it was calm and in the high 70s and a minute later the wind was blowing out of the north at fifty miles per hour, plus it dropped 15 degrees in about as many minutes.

it may sound cliche' but the old saying is true. If you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes.

- Steve

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