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All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted. Permission required for commercial use or publishing.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I hate thieves.

Last week my car was broken into and some low-down good-for-nothing thieves ripped out most of my storm chasing radio gear. I called the police, they found a few fingerprints and they tell me they have a pretty good idea who it was.

I lost my prized ICOM CR-3 wide-band communications receiver, which cannot be replaced because it isn't being manufactured anymore as well as a Radio Shack frequency counter and a Sunpack 500 series photo strobe. All in all the total is about $700 bucks.

As much as I'll have to struggle financially to replace my gear, what really gets me is that the prime suspect is one of my neighbors and the theft occurred in broad daylight during a 45 minute window of opportunity when i was out.

But, in some way, I can't but help blame myself. My car sprouts antennas and practically shouts to the meth addicts (that live in my apartment complex) "come rip me off!

I mean, who am i to think that in this day and age someone might actually respect other peoples property, especially a person who is a volunteer and spends his own money, risking life and limb to provide adequate and accurate storm warnings for the very same community the thief lives in.

I will chalk it up as a lesson learned, never again trust one's neighbors and never again leave anything of value in my car.

My only solace is that I know some day they will eventually be arrested and my stuff will probably be found among a big collection of other stolen items.

I'd wish for a tornado to destroy their home, but unfortunately it would take me out as well, since they are after all my good neighbors.

-Steve Douglass


Steve Miller TX said...

Man, Steve, so sorry to hear about that. Damned thieves. I never leave anything in my car for this very reason. In fact, some carjackers dumped off their stolen vehicle last week about 3 parking spaces from mine. Yikes.

Lisa said...


Your photos are amazing. One thing you might consider is purchasing a secure backpack. It would take a would be thief too long to steal your devices without a serious set of bolt cutters. Time is of the essence when you're ripping folks off. Here's a website:
I purchased a fanny pack for a friend who works overseas.

It's a shame that we even have to consider security issues...but there it is.


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