All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted.

All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted. Permission required for commercial use or publishing.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boheeka! Busted Storm Chase.

Went for a chase today - sorta. It was destined for failure from the get-go. Got off late had some "rat killing" to do before I was free to chase so as a result we (me and my niece Kristen) didn't get out of town until 4:00 PM.

I looked at the radar, and although there were plenty of storms in the Northeastern Panhandle, they were moving fast (over 40 mph) and I figured we could never catch them, so we headed down 287 hoping that something would pop up in the Childress area.

Once we got down the Childress, the storms didn't cooperate like I had figured and we sat their looking at plain old high-precipitation, run-of-the-mill non severe thunderstorms. We waited around awhile to see if they would go severe and they didn't .

Somewhere's about 7:30 PM as the "mushy" storms to our east began to move into Oklahoma taking with them any chance of seeing a tornado I cried "Boheeka" did a 180 and headed back to Amarillo.

I consoled myself with the fact that the season is just beginning and their will be other opportunities, including a good possibility on both Tuesday and Wednesday for some severe weather.

The only photo I took is the one attached. It shows some minor build-ups on the dryline, the invisible boundary between the dry air mass to the west and the moist ocean of water vapor streaming up from the Gulf.

It was pretty, but its like catching a sunfish instead of the shark you envisioned.


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Linda said...

Found your blog through Stu Brown's Facebook. Great job. It is good to see your photos, I am a Big Sky woman trapped in a small sky state. Thank you for the photos. Informative and beautiful.

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