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All original images (C) Steve Douglass unless otherwise noted. Permission required for commercial use or publishing.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are dimes getting smaller?

A rant: I used to be an AES (Amarillo Emergency Service) spotter - but not anymore (for reasons too many to list here) however while I was in AES they stressed we be accurate in our reports because the public is listening in - and they depend on the spotters for accurate and honest storm reporting.

And yet tonight this:


Its' ironic because AES 706 once accused me of exaggerating my hail size reports, in particular during the infamous June 21st 2004 storm which did 175 million dollars in damage to the city.

Don't get me wrong,, I still have friends in AES (guys like Jay McCoy you can trust not to embellish their reports) but when I was out tonight and seeing the same thing AES 706 was seeing, and he was reporting something else I couldn't help but be a bit miffed.

I guess "Jim's" dimes are smaller than mine.

However, knowing the organization as I do, I'm sure they will write it off as sour grapes,.

The proof is on the video. I was less than a half a block from AES 706, and yet he was reporting bigger hail.

You be the judge.

Make sure you listen closely to the audio.

-Steve Douglass


Ken Hanson said...

I'm glad someone had the janglies to call that idiot out and expose him for the blowhard that he is! What a liability for an otherwise fine group of dedicated spotters.

bg said...

i also was in aes and my problems were probly the same as yours.

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